Shimonoseki City University

Location: Yamaguchi
Type of institution: Local Public coed
Contact: International Exchange Center TEL 083-254-8693
2-1-1 Daigaku-cho, Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi, 751-8510
TEL: +81-83-254-8693         FAX: +81-83-252-8099
The Faculty of Economics
-The Department of Economics
-The Department of International Commerce
-The Department of Public Management

Graduate School of Economics
-The Department of Socio-economic Systems
-The Department of International Business Communication

<The Shimonoseki City University (SCU) Educational Experience>
-Studying at SCU offers you the chance to study in a uniquely at home atmosphere with students from the Shimonoseki area, from around Japan, and from around the world.
-SCU offers a variety of courses with a focus on East Asia.
-Study economics hands-on though interaction with local communities.
-Small-group discussion-based classes on offer for all year levels allow students to receive individualized instruction.
-Students can enroll in the "Cooperative Research Project" from their first year. With advice from their supervisor, students choose their own research theme and conduct research with their peers.
-Receive credit for success on certification examinations, such as the Bookkeeping Skills Test and English Proficiency exams, taken after entering SCU.

No. of Professors (full-time/part-time): 29/7
No. of Foreign Teachers (full-time/part-time): 5/13
No. of Countries of Origin: 4
No. of Undergraduate Degree Students: 2198
No. of International Undergraduate Degree Students: 62
No. of Graduate Degree Students: 12
No. of International Graduate Degree Students: 9
No. of Associate Professors (full-time/part-time): 34/46
No. of International Students (Degree/Non-Degree): 71/13
No. of Exchange Agreements: 9
No. of Countries with Exchange Agreements: 5
No. of Exchange Students (Receiving): 7
No. of Exchange Students (Sending): 7
No. of International Students who got a job in Japan: 5

Undergraduate Programs
International Commerce
Public Management
Graduate Programs
Socio-economic Systems (M)
International Business Communication (M)

Special Programs for International Students
<Japanese Language Subjects for Foreign Students>
-Japanese A
-Japanese B
-Japanese C
-Japanese D
-Japanese E
-Japanese F
-Japanese G
-Japanese H
-Practical Japanese Language a
-Practical Japanese Language b
-Practical Japanese Language c
-Practical Japanese Language d
-Practical Japanese Language e
-Practical Japanese Language f
-Practical Japanese Language g
-Practical Japanese Language h

<Japanese Studies and International Studies Subjects>
-Japan Study A
-Japan Study B
-Japanese Culture A
-Japanese Culture B
-Japanese Literature B
-Japanese Literature C
-Japanese History A
-Japanese History D
-Cross-Cultural Studies A

*The above subjects are offered in 2011
*All subjects are taught in Japanese
Service for International Students
<Tutors for International and Exchange Students>
During their first year at SCU, all international and exchange students are matched with a tutor to help them in their transition to life in Shimonoseki and their studies at SCU.

<Financial Assistance>
Various forms of financial assistance are available including Awards for Academic Excellence, a Tuition Waiver System, Rent Assistance, and various scholarships.

<SCU International Community House>
Accommodation at SCU's dormitory for international and exchange students is available for first year students.

<Experience Japanese Culture First-Hand>
SCU offers many events for students to experience Japanese culture first-hand. Attend the Japanese Dance Hanayagi Style studio, learn how to wear a Japanese kimono, visit a local sake brewery and much more.

<International Exchange Students Society>
There are many opportunities to meet and socialize with Japanese students and other international and exchange students by participating in the various sporting, camping and social events organized by SCU's International Exchange Students Society.