Kobe City University of Foreign Studies

Location: Hyogo
Type of institution: Local Public coed
Contact: International Office
9-1, Gakuenhigashi-machi, Nishiku, Kobe, Japan
TEL: +81-78-794-8171         FAX: +81-78-792-8178
Mail: international-office@office.kobe-cufs.ac.jp
Website: http://www.kobe-cufs.ac.jp/english
Kobe City University of Foreign Studies(KCUFS) is devoted to nurturing human resources playing active parts in the world with broad and international horizons.
The purpose of KCUFS is to teach and study practice and theory on foreign laguages and internatoinal cultures and to nurture human resources with wide international knowledge.
KCUFS is characterized by 1)technical education on foreign languages, international economy and international cultures, 2) education nurturing human resources with high laguage abilities and 3) diversified and systematic education on languages, cultures, politics and economy of each region.

No. of Professors (full-time/part-time): 48/69
No. of Foreign Teachers (full-time/part-time): 14/47
No. of Countries of Origin: 11
No. of Undergraduate Degree Students: 2138
No. of International Undergraduate Degree Students: 10
No. of Graduate Degree Students: 135
No. of International Graduate Degree Students: 42
No. of Associate Professors (full-time/part-time): 36/59
No. of International Students (Degree/Non-Degree): 52/35
No. of Exchange Agreements: 26
No. of Countries with Exchange Agreements: 11
No. of Exchange Students (Receiving): 2
No. of Exchange Students (Sending): 3
No. of International Students who got a job in Japan: 3

Undergraduate Programs
Foreign Studies
Chinese Studies
General Culture
English Studies
International Communication
International Relations
Linguistics and Literature
Social Science
Russian Studies
Spanish Studies (Studies of Spain and Latin America)
Graduate Programs
Foreign Studies
Cultural Interaction (D)
Japanese/Oriental Studies (M)
Chinese Linguistics (M)
English Linguistics (M)
English Language Education and Research (M)
International Relations (M)
Russian Linguistics (M)
Spanish Linguistics (M)

Special Programs for International Students
Japanese Language Program for International Students
Service for International Students
housing arrangement, scholarship arrangement, support for daily life, counseling, and so on.
Comments & Latest Information
In addition to the 26 partner universities/institutions in 11 countries (Australia, Austria, Bhutan, Canada, China, France, Poland, Russia, Spain, U.K., and U.S.A.) with which we have ties, we are currently trying to further promote research and education cooperation with institutions through out the world. We offer a wide variety of exchanges, for example, faculty exchanges with foreign universities, exchange of library materials and research publications, and so on.