Osaka University

Location: Osaka
Type of institution: National coed
Contact: International Student Affairs Division, Department of International Affairs,Administration Bureau
1-1 Yamadaoka, Suita, Osaka 565-0871
TEL: +81-6-6879-7103         FAX: +81-6-6879-8964
Osaka University was founded in 1931 as a national university and has developed by opening unique and innovative faculties and institutions. It is now regarded as one of the leading universities in Japan and in the world. The integration of Osaka University and Osaka University of Foreign Language on October 2007 enables the university to promote a unique collaboration of foreign language education and research activities. Osaka University unifies 11 schools, 16 graduate schools, and five research institutes, three national joint-use facilities in addition to a number of other facilities. It covers all fields of tertiary education and research, from liberal arts to, medicine, science, and engineering. With these institutions, Osaka University offers international and interdisciplinary academic activities that allow you to pursue the research in which you are interested.

No. of Professors (full-time/part-time): 915/105
No. of Foreign Teachers (full-time/part-time): 139/11
No. of Countries of Origin: 92
No. of Undergraduate Degree Students: 15693
No. of International Undergraduate Degree Students: 274
No. of Graduate Degree Students: 8009
No. of International Graduate Degree Students: 1041
No. of Associate Professors (full-time/part-time): 848/19
No. of International Students (Degree/Non-Degree): 1315/465

Graduate Programs
Studies on Cultural Forms
Interdisciplinary Studies on Cultural Forms (M,D)
Philosophy (M,D)
Japanese Studies (M,D)
Japanese History (M,D)
World History (M,D)
Archaeology (M,D)
Human Geography (M,D)
Studies on Cultural Expressions
Interdisciplinary Studies on Cultural Expressions (M,D)
Japanese and Asian Literature (M,D)
Western Literature and Linguistics (M,D)
Japanese Linguistics (M,D)
Art Studies (M,D)
Art History (M,D)
Studies on Cultural Dynamics(Master Course)
Cultural Coexistence (M)
Arts and Media (M)
Literature and Environment (M)
Ecological Linguistics (M)
Human Sciences Department
Advanced Studies of Human Sciences (M,D)
Psychology (M,D)
Behavioral Sciences (M,D)
Sociology (M,D)
Modern Thought and Anthropology (M,D)
Clinical Pedagogy (M,D)
Educational Environment (M,D)
Global Human Sciences Department
Human Development Studies (M,D)
Area Studies (M,D)
Law and Political Science
Public Law and Policy (M,D)
Comparative Law and Politics (M,D)
Intellectual Property Law (M,D)
Theoretical Analysis (M,D)
Policy Analysis (M,D)
Historical Analysis (M,D)
Policy Studies
Applied Economics (M,D)
Business and Management
Modeling Analysis (M,D)
Management information (M,D)
Technology Management (M,D)
Business (M,D)
Algebra (M,D)
Geometry (M,D)
Analysis (M,D)
Experimental Mathematics (M,D)
Global Geometry and Analysis (M,D)
Applied Mathematics (M,D)
Condensed Matter Physics (M,D)
Physics of Particles & Nuclei (M,D)
Fundamental Physics (M,D)
Quantum Physics (M,D)
Interdisciplinary Physics (M,D)
Inorganic Chemistry (M,D)
Physical Chemistry (M,D)
Organic Chemistry (M,D)
Interdisciplinary Chemistry (M,D)
Biological Sciences
Molecular and Cellular Biology (M,D)
Cellular Biology (M,D)
Adaptation Biology (M,D)
Correlation Biology (M,D)
Structual Biology (M,D)
Earth and Space Science
Astrophysics and Planetary Science (M,D)
Earth and Planetary Material Science (M,D)
Extreme Material Science (M,D)
Macromolecular Science
Macromolecular Synthesis and Reactions (M,D)
Macromolecular Structure, Properties, and Functions (M,D)
Macromolecular Assemblies (M,D)
Physiological Sciences
Anatomy (M,D)
Physiology (M,D)
Neurosciences (M,D)
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (M,D)
Pathophysiology and Therapeutics
Pathology (M,D)
Pharmacology (M,D)
Molecular Therapeutics (M,D)
Medical Engineering (M,D)
Pharmaceutical Information (M,D)
Preventive and Environmental Medicine
Social and Environmental Medicine (M,D)
Microbiology and Immunology (M,D)
Medical Genetics (M,D)
Health and Sport Sciences (M,D)
Infection Control and Prevention (M,D)
Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine (M,D)
Integrated Medicine (M,D)
Radiology (M,D)
Surgical Medicine
Surgery (M,D)
Acute Critical Medicine (M,D)
Organ Regulation Medicine (M,D)
Neural and Sensory Organ Surgery (M,D)
Medical Science(Master Cource)
Evidence-Based Clinical Nursing (M)
Children's and Women's Health (M)
Health Promotion Science (M)
Health Sciences
Evidence-Based Clinical Nursing (M,D)
Children's and Women's Health (M,D)
Health Promotion Science (M,D)
Nursing Science
Evidence-Based Clinical Nursing (M,D)
Children's and Women's Health (M,D)
Health Promotion Science (M,D)
Medical Technology and Science
Function Diagnostic Science (M,D)
Medical Physics and Engineering (M,D)
Biomedical Informatics (M,D)
Integrated Oral Sciences and Stomatology
Pathogenesis and Control of Oral Diseases (M,D)
oromaxillofacial Regeneration (M,D)
Functional Oral Neuroscience (M,D)
Diagnostic Dentistry (M,D)
Craniofacial Development Biology (M,D)
Molecular Oral Biology and Dentistry
Oral infections and Diseases Control (M,D)
Oral Biology and Disease Control (M,D)
Oral Development Biology (M,D)
Community Dentistry and Informatics (M,D)
Molecular Pharmaceutical Sciences
Medical and Molecular Chemistry (M,D)
Molecular Science (M,D)
Applied Biopharmacetical Sciences
Biofunctional Molecular Sciences (M,D)
Regulation of Structural Biofunction (M,D)
Medical Sciences (M,D)
Environmental Pharmaceutical Sciences
Bioinfomatics (M,D)
Environmental Bioscience (M,D)
Advanced Pharmaco-Science(Master Course)
Advanced Pharmaco-Science(Master Course) (M)
Advanced Science and Biotechnology
Materical and Life Science (M,D)
Biotechnology (M,D)
Applied Chemistry
Molecular Chemistry (M,D)
Materials Chemistry (M,D)
Precision Science & Technology and Applied Physics
Precision Science & Technology (M,D)
Applied Physics (M,D)
Adaptive Machine Systems
Pioneering Integrated Engineering (M,D)
Mechanical Engineering
Complex Mechanics (M,D)
Micro-mechanical Science (M,D)
Intelligent Machines (M,D)
Design and Integration (M,D)
Materials and Manufaturing Science
Materials Physics (M,D)
Physical Chemistry of Materials (M,D)
Properties of Structural and Functional Materials (M,D)
Intelligent Materials Processing (M,D)
Processing for Manufacturing (M,D)
Manufacturing Design and Mechanics (M,D)
System Integration (M,D)
Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering
Systems, Control and Power Engineering (M,D)
Advanced Electromagnetic Energy Engineering (M,D)
Information and Communications Technology (M,D)
Quantum Electronic Device Engineering (M,D)
Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering
Environmental System (M,D)
Sustainable Environmental Design (M,D)
Environmental Resources and Materials (M,D)
Sustainable Energy System (M,D)
Quantum and Energy Engineering (M,D)
Global Architecture
Naval Architecture (M,D)
Ocean System Engineering (M,D)
Social Infrastructure Engineering (M,D)
Social System Engineering (M,D)
Architectual Structure (M,D)
Architectual and Urban Design (M,D)
Management of Industry and Technology
Technology Design (M,D)
Mamagement of Technology Knowledge (M,D)
Materials Engineering Science
Electron Correlation Physics (M,D)
Quantum Physics of Nanoscale Marerials (M,D)
Synthetic Chemistry (M,D)
Molecular Organization Chemistry (M,D)
Chemical Reaction Engineering (M,D)
Environment and Energy System (M,D)
Bioprocess Engineering (M,D)
Fronthier Materials (M,D)
Dynamic of Nanoscale Materials (M,D)
Mechanical Science and Bioengineering
Mechanics of Fluids and Thermo-fluids (M,D)
Mechanics of Solid Materials (M,D)
Propulsion Engineering (M,D)
Mechano-informatics (M,D)
Biomechanical Engineering (M,D)
Biophysical Engineering (M,D)
Biomedical and Biophysical Measurements (M,D)
Systems Innovation
Solid State Electronics (M,D)
Advanced Quantum Devices and Electronics (M,D)
Optical Electronics (M,D)
System Theory (M,D)
Intelligent Systems (M,D)
Mathematical Modelling (M,D)
Statistical Science (M,D)
Mathematical and Statistical Finance (M,D)
Theoretical Systems Science (M,D)
Language and Culture
Comparative Studies in Language and Culture (M,D)
System in Language and Culture (M,D)
Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies (M,D)
Language and Communication (M,D)
Education in Language and Culture (M,D)
Language and Information Sciences (M,D)
Language and Cognitive Sciences (M,D)
Language and Society
Applied Studies of Language and Society (M,D)
Area Studies of Language and Society (M,D)
Japanese Language and Culture (M,D)
International Public Policy
International Public Policy (M,D)
Comparative Public Policy
Comparative Public Policy (M,D)
Pure and Applied Mathematics
Combinatorics (M,D)
Applied Geometry (M,D)
Discrete Structures (M,D)
Applied Analysis (M,D)
Mathematical Science (M,D)
Computer Assisted Mathematics (M,D)
Information and Physical Sciences
Operations Research (M,D)
Nonlinear Systems, Modeling and Optimization (M,D)
Information Photonics (M,D)
Systems Engineering (M,D)
Architeture for Intelligence (M,D)
Universal Interactive Agents (M,D)
Computer Scienc
Algorithm Engineering (M,D)
Software Design (M,D)
Software Engineering (M,D)
Supercomputing Engineering (M,D)
Intelligent Media Systems (M,D)
Universal Society (M,D)
Information Systems Engineering
Integrated System Design (M,D)
Information Systems Synthesis (M,D)
Integrated Systems Diagnosis (M,D)
Dependability Engineering (M,D)
Integrated Media Environment (M,D)
Advanced System Architecture (M,D)
High Realistic Communication (M,D)
Information Networking
Advanced Network Architecture (M,D)
Intelligent Networking Systems (M,D)
Information Sharing Platform (M,D)
Mobile Computing (M,D)
Ubiquitous Network (M,D)
Cyber Communication (M,D)
Multimedia Engineering
Multimedia Data Engineering (M,D)
Information Security Engineering (M,D)
Human Interface Engineering (M,D)
Business Information Systems (M,D)
Applied Media Engineering (M,D)
Multimedia Agent Systems (M,D)
Knowledge Cluster (M,D)
Bioinformatic Engineering
Genome Information Engineering (M,D)
Metabolic Engineering (M,D)
Bio-System Analysis (M,D)
Symbiotec Network Design (M,D)
Human Information Engineering (M,D)
Frontier Biosciences
Nanobiology (M,D)
Biomolecular Networks (M,D)
Integrated Biology (M,D)
Organismal Biosystems (M,D)
Neuroscience (M,D)
Biophysical Dynamics (M,D)
Special Research Promotion Group (M,D)
Biomedical Engineering (M,D)
Collaborative institutes(Immune Regulation) (M,D)

Special Programs for International Students
Osaka University Short-term Student Exchange Programs International Program of Frontier Biotechnology (the Graduate School of Engineering) International Course of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering (the Graduate School of Engineering) Quantum Engineering Design Course (the Graduate School of Engineering) Research Alliance for Advanced Science and Engineering,Grounded on the Cooperative Supervision of Students (the Graduate School of Engineering Science) Graduate Program in Japanese Studies for International Students (the Graduate School of Language and Culture)
Service for International Students
Tutor program, the Advising Rooms for international students, Center for International Education and Exchange, private and public scholarships, residential facilities for international students