Osaka Kyoiku University

Location: Osaka
Type of institution: National coed
Contact: International Office
4-698-1 Asahigaoka, Kashiwara, Osaka, 582-8582
TEL: +81-72-978-3300 / 3299         FAX: +81-72-978-3348
Osaka Kyoiku University (OKU) is one of the few educational universities of our nation to possess a history and tradition spanning over 130 years. OKU has two departments; the Teacher Training Course and the Department of Arts and Sciences. The Graduate School of Education offers 18 courses for master's degrees. The primary mission of OKU is to foster qualified professionals in the field of school education and to develop and create knowledge and skills relevant to education. OKU aims at being a composite educational university in collaboration with 11 attached schools and kindergarten.Besides,various programs and activities arranged for international students.

No. of Professors (full-time/part-time): 145/2
No. of Foreign Teachers (full-time/part-time): 5/12
No. of Countries of Origin: 9
No. of Undergraduate Degree Students: 3837
No. of International Undergraduate Degree Students: 54
No. of Graduate Degree Students: 444
No. of International Graduate Degree Students: 24
No. of Associate Professors (full-time/part-time): 101/0
No. of International Students (Degree/Non-Degree): 78/24
No. of Exchange Agreements: 32
No. of Countries with Exchange Agreements: 12
No. of Exchange Students (Receiving): 14
No. of Exchange Students (Sending): 10
No. of International Students who got a job in Japan: 3

Undergraduate Programs
Computer and Information Sciences
Information Sciences
Education (Special Education)
Special Needs Education
Education (Teacher Training)
Course for Elementary and Junior High School Teachers
Kindergarten Teachers' Training Course
School Nurses' Training Course
Fine Arts
Fine Arts
Home Science
Health and Life
Humanities (Miscellaneous)
Human Sciences
International Studies
Cultural Studies
Mathematical Sciences
Natural Science (Miscellaneous)
Natural Science
Physical Education
Graduate Programs
Education (Special Education)
Special Needs Education (M)
Education (Teacher Training)
Art Education (M)
Engineering and Technology Education (M)
English Education (M)
Fine Arts Education (M)
Health and Physical Education (M)
Home Economics Education (M)
Japanese Language Education (M)
Mathematics Education (M)
Music Education (M)
Practical School Education (M)
School Education (M)
School Health Nursing Education (M)
School Nursing and Health Education (M)
Science Education (M)
Social Studies Education (M)
Fine Arts
Fine Arts (M)
International Studies
International Cultural Studies (M)
Mathematical Sciences (M)
Music (M)
Natural Science (Miscellaneous)
Pure and Applied Science (M)
Physical Education
Physical and Health Education (M)

Special Programs for International Students
OKU Exchange Program, OKU Japanese Studies Program, OKU Teacher Training Program
Service for International Students
Various services arranged by the International Center: Orientation, Tutoring system, Field trip, One day excursion tour, Cultural studies program, School visits, Home visits, Conversation practice program, University dormitory and off-campus housing, Common room for international students, Personal Counseling