Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Location: Ishikawa
Type of institution: National coed
Contact: International Student Section
1-1 Asahidai, Nomi, Ishikawa 923-1292
TEL: +81-761-51-1933         FAX: +81-761-51-1959
Mail: ryugaku@jaist.ac.jp
Website: http://www.jaist.ac.jp/index-e.html
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) was founded as one of new national institutes that consists of graduate schools without undergraduate programs for the purpose of carrying out high-level researches and systematic education in the fields of advanced science and technology. A main goal of education at JAIST is to produce engineers and researchers who have obtained not only broad knowledge and fundamental concepts, but also the ability to discover and solve problems and to absorb advanced new ideas in their fields.

No. of Professors (full-time/part-time): 55/0
No. of Foreign Teachers (full-time/part-time): 26/0
No. of Countries of Origin: 21
No. of Graduate Degree Students: 939
No. of International Graduate Degree Students: 237
No. of Associate Professors (full-time/part-time): 50/0
No. of International Students (Degree/Non-Degree): 237/15
No. of Exchange Agreements: 57
No. of Countries with Exchange Agreements: 21
No. of Exchange Students (Receiving): 1
No. of International Students who got a job in Japan: 24

Graduate Programs
Knowledge Science
Knowledge Science (M,D)
Materials Science and Engineering
Materials Science (M,D)
System Science and Engineering
Information Systems (M,D)

Special Programs for International Students
(1) Japanese Language Education Program
JAIST conducts Japanese language classes for international students to develop their Japanese language proficiency, which is necessary for their daily life after enrollment in JAIST and anyone can attend these classes.
To meet various needs of international students, we set up a new systematic Japanese Education Program starting April 2011 from basic Japanese for daily conversation to business level Japanese such as job hunting in Japan.
Visit the website below for the detailed information.


(2) Japanese Cultural Excursion
International students can join Japanese cultural excursion to get familiar with folkcraft culture of Ishikawa Prefecture and to learn more about the highest level in advanced technology of local companies that are well-known and have achieved great results globally. Each excursion has different purpose to experience traditional culture.
Service for International Students
We are offering Japanese language classes and tutoring system for international students. But other educational programs are the same as those for Japanese students. We also provide with counseling, gathering of international students, student housing, field trip of international students and health consultation. For the information of scholarships, please visit our website at http://www.jaist.ac.jp/english/i_students/scholar.html.
International Student Alimni Network
JAIST has established the alumni website to maintain close contact with and among our alumni all over the world. Please visit the website at http://www.alumni.jaist.ac.jp and register your information if you are our alumni and have not done yet.
Comments & Latest Information
JAIST Original Support Systems

(1) Support Systems for Doctoral Program Students
1) Benefit-type Scholarship
For 5D(Five-year Master + Doctor)program students, the benefit-type scholarship supports 100,000JPY/month for their Master's course and 150,000JPY/month for their doctoral course. For 3D(Three-year Doctor)program students, the scholarship supports 150,000JPY/month for their doctoral course.

2) Employment-type Scholarship
Graduate Research Program(GRP) recruits superior and motivated 3D program students who are aiming to obtain a doctoral degree through the research activities which each School focuses on the most.
Under GRP, each student will receive the salary as a researcher after entering JAIST. The amount is approximately 150,000JPY/month.

(2)Support Systems for Master's Program Students
The top 30% of second year master's students can receive the benefit-type scholarship of 25,000JPY/month or 50,000JPY/month.