Hokkaido University

Location: Hokkaido
Type of institution: National coed
Contact: Division of International Services,Office of International Affairs
Kita 15 Nishi 8, Kita-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido 060-0815
TEL: +81-11-706-8053         FAX: +81-11-706-8067
Mail: ryugaku@oia.hokudai.ac.jp
Website: http://www.hokudai.ac.jp/
The founding principle of the university, 'frontier spirit' has been inherited until today with our motto, 'lofty ambition.' The university aims at teaching and studying up-to high-level art and science to develop intellectual, moral and applied abilities so students may contribute much to cultural betterment and social improvement.

No. of Professors (full-time/part-time): 741/0
No. of Countries of Origin: 86
No. of Undergraduate Degree Students: 11492
No. of International Undergraduate Degree Students: 89
No. of Graduate Degree Students: 6273
No. of International Graduate Degree Students: 976
No. of Associate Professors (full-time/part-time): 618/0
No. of International Students (Degree/Non-Degree): 1340/0
No. of Exchange Agreements: 265
No. of Countries with Exchange Agreements: 43
No. of Exchange Students (Receiving): 101
No. of Exchange Students (Sending): 45

Undergraduate Programs
Agricultural Economics
Agricultural Economics
Agricultural Sciences
Agricultural Engineering
Agrobiology Bioresources
Applied Bioscience
Bioscience and Chemistry
Forest Science
Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering
Environmental Sciences
Environmental Engineering
Fisheries Oceanography and Marine Science
Marine Biological Science
Marine Bioresources Chemistry
Marine Production System Science
Earth Sciences
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical System
Mechanical and Information Systems
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Political Science
Advanced Institute for Law and Politics
Law and Politics
System Science and Engineering
Systems Engineering
Graduate Programs
Agricultural Sciences
Applied Bioscience (M,D)
Bioresources and Product Science (M,D)
Environmental Resources (M,D)
Civil Engineering
Structural and Geotechnical Engineering (M,D)
Environmental Sciences
Environment and Resource Engineering (M,D)
Marine Environment and Resources (M,D)
Urban and Environmental Engineering (M,D)
Marine Bioscience (M,D)
Earth and Planetary Sciences (M,D)
Geosciences (M,D)
History and Area Studies (M,D)
Literature, Linguistics and Area Studies(General)
History and Area Studies (M,D)
Linguistics and Literature (M,D)
Mathematics (M,D)
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Science (M,D)
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Medicinal Chemistry (M,D)
Pharmacobiodynamics (M,D)
Philosophy and Cultural Sciences (M,D)
Political Science
Law and Politics (M,D)
Public Policy (M)
System Science and Engineering
Systems and Information Engineering (M,D)

Special Programs for International Students
English Engineering Education Program (e3 program)/ Special training program for veterinary researchers toward building an international network of veterinary researchers/ The Special Postgraduate Program in Bio-systems Sustainability/ International Graduate Program in the Natural History Sciences/ International Graduate Program for Reseach Pioneers in Life-Sciences/ Hokkaido University Short-Term Exchange Program
Service for International Students
Supplemental Japanese language classes, tutoring system. Health clinic, personal/ psychological counseling, Scholarships information, cultural exchange programs, etc.