What can I study in Japan? What kind of experience will it be possible for?
Anyone has uneasiness and the trouble in studying abroad, but okay!  Think positively and let’s take the first step to study in Japan!
We will introduce the experiences of former international students who actually studied in Japan, please refer to them!

Name Old school in Japan
Wong E Dung Kobe Design University
Country(Region) Career after graduation

After graduation of Department of Visual Design, Kobe Design University and one year studying as a researcher, I got a job in KIMEC Cooperation and worked as a designer for 3 years. I was in charge of animation, multimedia, website and so on. After returning home, I established “MINAMIKAZE Digital Animation Studio Enterprise" at once, and it is the eleventh year by this year. In addition, I participated in Japan Graduates’ Association of Malaysia (JAGAM) and became a secretary general. I am expanding the network of senior and younger students studied in Japan and advise students wishing to study in Japan.
I went out of the home country, and spent my youth in a place differs from the environment where I was born and grew up. By encountering with many people and things in university, various social groups and office, and having relations to people with various sense of values, I could have a broader point of view and have so many good friends. Also, Kobe Hanshin Earthquake was one of the serious affairs in my life. Japanese people’s polite attitude, efficiency and diligent spirit soaked into me by studying in Japan. I fell in love with a Japanese spirit though the Japanese occasionally seemed to be obstinate and unsociable in general. Turning the various experiences which I learned in university and living in Japan, I want to grow bigger in the future.

Name Old school in Japan
Chae Sohee Meiji Gakuin University
Country(Region) Career after graduation

After graduating the faculty of International Studies of Meiji Gakuin University, I was engaged in work of a product planning and development in the entertainment-related company about one and a half year in Japan. I am doing work of the television shopping of the two countries(Korea and Japan) after returning home.
I stopped studying my major (fashion design), and decided to study in Japan at the age of 21. I was able to send fun time in the university with good friends and teacher after having entered the university via a Japanese language school. Thanks to study in Japan, I really recognized the proverb  “He that stays in the valley shall never get over the hill” . Study in Japan was a chance to be widened my perspective and knowledge. I want to play an active part as a bridge between Japan and Korean.

Name Old school in Japan
Ms. Wedarat Navicha Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Country(Region) Career after graduation

After graduation of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies as a teacher training program for one year and a half, I was promoted to be the head of the Foreign Language department(Japanese, Chinese, Korean ,English) at the Government school names Tepleela school in Bangkok, Thailand. I am heavily involved in Youth works – not only in my position as a teacher, but also through our school’s extensive works in the local community; First, Rotary Club volunteer of Thailand for High school students (Interact club) which let students to be the young leaders. Second, the head of Japanese Language Center in Bangkok, Ministry of Education of Thailand which develop how to be good at in Japanese for high school teachers and students. Third, leading and coordinating on-going exchange programs for students to both Japan, China, Korea, Singapore, India and Malaysia, which have been very beneficial for everyone involved, for example, sister school program. Now, I and my friends, who have got the same project for developing Youth of Thailand for giving them the chances to participate the exchange program between Thai students and Japanese students; we design the Thailand - Japan Youth Exchange Club (TJYEC).
During one year and a half as a teacher training program student is the wonderful time for my life. I pay attention to learn and develop my Japanese in four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, so that I can understand Japanese correctly and clearly whenever I study in major subject. In addition, I am confident that I can also gain a fuller understanding of Japanese history, tradition, lifestyles, customs, contemporary Japanese society, the Japanese way of thinking. My study program; I can collect data about teaching of other Japanese international teachers that studied with me so that concluded as the strengths and weaknesses of every teaching techniques, problems that may be taken place in teaching and learning throughout find the developing Japanese’s teaching and learning solutions in order to make them to reach efficient and effective point. Just Only 18 months; That is the short time for studying as the Japanese teacher but I got the best thing that is Japan gave me understanding how to be the good teacher in the education system of Japan, Besides that Japan gave me many situations sense of the true friendships between Thailand and Japan. I have got lots of Japanese families and friends. Japan gives me warm feeling. Japan is my second home. I love Japan.

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