A majority of scholarships in Japan only sponsor parts of the student’s daily expenses or tuition fee. Scholarships offering full coverage of the student’s necessary expenses are very few. As such, it is important to itemize the amount required for study in Japan and not to rely solely on scholarships. Drafting out a solid financing plan that includes self-funding is essential.

●There are two patterns for the timing of application for scholarship and notification of result.
1. Able to apply and receive the result before coming to Japan (number of scholarships available is limited)
2. Applying and receiving the result in Japan upon admission into schools in Japan

●Scholarship selection process: Screening of application form, written exam and/or oral interview on general education and/or knowledge in specialized field and/or Japanese language.
●Scholarship application method: Most students apply through the schools they are enrolled in. Please enquire for details from the international student office of your school.
※ Some scholarships may impose limitations on the application (including age, country/region of origin, school in Japan and field of study).

Q. What are the scholarships that the students can apply and receive the result in their home countries before coming to Japan?
Q. May I receive two or more scholarships?
Q. Is there any scholarships for which the students on short-term study are eligible?

For further details, please refer Scholarships for International Students in Japan!!

Scholarship for International Students in Japan
List of scholarships available for international students in Japan.
※ Note that not all the scholarship available in Japan are contained in this brochure.
Free of charge distribution (Service only available within Japan country) (A4 size, Japanese and English)
Now available at JASSO’s website
Independent Administrative Institution Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO), Information Services Division
E-mail :

Reference : access websites to search for useful information
List of universities and junior colleges with Scholarship Programs (JASSO)
Scholarships for International Students in Japan (JASSO)
Search for scholarships (Japan Study Support)
Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho : MEXT) Scholarship Students (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)

Scholarships applied overseas


Scholarships to be applied after arrival in Japan
Types Target students Monthly Sum Inquiries
Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho:MEXT)
Scholarship ※1
Research students Refer ※2 Current school(in Japan)
Students in undergraduate programs JPY 117,000
Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for
Privately Financed International Students※3
Research students(kenkyu-sei)/doctoral course/master's course JPY 48,000 Current school(in Japan)
Students in undergraduate programs/junior colleges/preparatory Japanese language courses/advanced courses/colleges of technology(over the third grade)/specialized training colleges/university preparatory courses
Japanese language institutions JPY 30,000
Local government scholarships Varies by each local government Each local government, organization or current school(in Japan)
Private organization scholarships Varies by each private organization Each foundation or current school(in Japan)
On-campus scholarships.
Tuition fee exemption or waiver system
Varies by each school  Current school(in Japan)
Survey:MEXT and JASSO
※1 Monthly amount is as of April 2014. Students who study/research in a designated region will be provided an additional monthly stipend.
※2 JPY 143,000 for research course studets, JPY 144,000 for master's course students and JPY 145,000 for doctorate course students.
※3 Monthly amount is as of April 2015.



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