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Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students(EJU)
The EJU is an examination introduced in 2002 by JASSO, and is considered as a part of the entrance examination for international students who wish to study at universities or other higher educational institutions in Japan. This examination is conducted in Japan twice annually in June and November, and is scheduled to be held in about 17 cities outside Japan mainly in the Asian region. The examination subjects are “Japanese as a Foreign Language,” “Science” “Japan and the World” and “Mathematics ”. The exam questions are available in Japanese and English. Applicants will take the examination on the subjects and in the language designated by the respective colleges or universities. Some of the universities consider the result and grades at senior high school without requiring students to sit the university's entrance examination. Therefore, if you apply to such a university, you could receive permission to enter that university without leaving your home country.


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