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Sources of Information
The motivations of people desiring to study in Japan differ, and the objectives of their study, method, duration of stay and educational institution are by no means the same. First of all, make a detailed plan taking into account your academic ability, financial means and desired profession or direction in the future.
The first step in preparing to study in Japan is to collect general information such as admission requirements, application procedures, and expenses. The next step is to gather information about the schools that interest you.
You can obtain the general information from the websites(JASSO and other organizations). After getting this basic information you can then look for a school that offers courses in your desired field of study.
Information about schools may also be obtained from the Japan Education Fairs conducted by JASSO, or from Japanese embassies and consulates, or others who have previously studied in Japan. Use this information to narrow down your choice of schools and go to their websites for further information.


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