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Gathering Information

When selecting an institution as your study destination, ensure that it is done according to your specific and detailed study and research plan. It is important to have as many referencing materials as you can for consideration. If you were not thorough enough in your preparation, you may face problems such as not having your chosen subjects offered in that institution or you may incur extra expenses. Gathering the latest and accurate information is crucial for preparation of study in Japan.
※ Downloading the school prospectus or application guidelines/documents from institutions’ websites are increasingly popular, but they may not be free sometimes. When applying for these materials from schools, follow the instructions of the school such as enclosing stamps for the reply of overseas mail.

Basic information on STUDY in JAPAN

JASSO Website http://www.jasso.go.jp/en/study_j/index.html
STUDY in JAPAN portal site
-Gateway to Study in Japan-
Guide for STUDY in JAPAN, information on schools, information on scholarships, living in Japan, Japan Education Fairs, Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU)
Study in Japan http://www.studyjapan.go.jp/en/
(Available in Arabic・Chinese ・English ・French ・Indonesian ・Japanese ・Korean ・Russian ・Spanish・Thai ・Vietnamese)
Japanese government scholarships, information on events, Japan alumni associations, message from former international students
Japan Study Support http://www.jpss.jp/en/
(Available in Chinese ・English ・Japanese ・ Korean)
Search for schools, search for scholarships, information on entrance exams, the latest information on entrance exams, information on living in Japan

Graduate schools ・Universities (undergraduate) ・Junior colleges

Universities, colleges and Japanese language institutions http://www.jasso.go.jp/en/study_j/search/index.html
Japanese colleges and universities search http://www.g-studyinjapan.jasso.go.jp/univ_search/
Japan Study Support http://www.jpss.jp/en/

Colleges of technology

Institute of National College of Technology, Japan (KOSEN) http://www.kosen-k.go.jp/english/index.html

Professional training colleges

National Association of Vocational School of Japan http://www.zensenkaku.gr.jp/zensen_index.cgi
Metropolitan Tokyo Professional Institution Association http://www.tsk.or.jp/
Professional training colleges search http://tsk-school.com/
Courses / classes search http://tsk-school.com/from-now.php

Japanese language institutions

Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education http://www.nisshinkyo.org/
Japanese language institutions search http://www.nisshinkyo.org/search/
Preparatory Japanese language courses offered at private universities http://www.jasso.go.jp/en/study_j/search/nihongokyouiku.html
University preparatory courses http://www.jasso.go.jp/en/study_j/search/nihongokyouiku.html

The most important and accurate information can be obtained from “school prospects”, “application guidelines” and “website” of each school. Check with the school you are taking the entrance exam and get the latest information!

◇ Japan Education Fairs and Seminars
Countries and regions (scheduled for 2014)
Japan Education Fairs (organized by JASSO with participation from Japanese universities)
  North America, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Europe, Indonesia, China , Vietnam, Nepal and Malaysia
Japan Education Seminar (Organized by JASSO, Japan Alumni Associations and Embassies of Japan)

◇ JASSO Overseas Representative Offices (back cover)
Japan Educational Information Center
Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia
Provide information through e-mail, in-person advising, telephone calls and regular mail counseling
Access to school prospectus, application guidelines and reference books on STUDY in JAPAN
Take part in local education fairs

◇ STUDY in JAPAN Resource facilities
Please visit the center nearest to you.
Access to school prospectus, application guidelines and reference books on STUDY in JAPAN

◇ Former international students in Japan
You may also get specific details based on experience from former international students who have studied in Japan before. If your country has a Japan alumni association, you may get information on study in Japan from them.
Contact for Japan alumni associations

◇ Japanese Embassies and Consulates (Japanese Government Offices Overseas)
You may acquire necessary information on STUDY in JAPAN here.
Some embassies also provide consultations on STUDY in JAPAN.
List of overseas diplomatic establishments

◇ Ministry of Education of your home country
In some countries, information may also be obtained from local education ministry or from establishments or organizations.



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