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A majority of scholarships in Japan only sponsor parts of the student’s daily expenses or tuition fee. Scholarships offering full coverage of the student’s necessary expenses are very few. As such, it is important to itemize the amount required for study in Japan and not to rely solely on scholarships. Drafting out a solid financing plan that includes self-funding is essential.

●Types of financial assistance
1. Scholarships
2. Tuition fee reduction or exemption system
3. Assistance in the form of materials (such as bus tickets etc.)

●2 methods of scholarship application
1. Applying from overseas before coming to Japan (number of scholarships available is limited)
2. Applying in Japan upon admission into schools in Japan (most scholarships are applied upon entering Japan)

●Target students and number of scholarship-offering institutions
(as of December 2010)
  Target Pre-arrival application Post-arrival application
Private organizations Japanese government Local or private organizations
1 Students in upper secondary schools 1   6
2 Students in colleges of technology 0 27
3 Students in professional training colleges 3 18
4 Students in preparatory Japanese language courses offered at private universities 2   11
5 Students in Japanese language institutions 4   7
6 Students in junior colleges 4   45
7 Audit students in undergraduate programs 0   8
8 Students in undergraduate programs 10 125
9 Research students in graduate schools 6 40
10 Master’s students 15 153
11 Doctorate students 9 148

●Scholarship selection process:
Screening of application form, written exam and/or oral interview on general education and/or knowledge in specialized field and/or Japanese language.
●Scholarship application method:
Most students apply through the schools they are enrolled in (please enquire for details from your international student office)

Scholarships applied overseas

Types Target students / No. of scholarship-grant bodies Monthly Sum Inquiries
Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho : MEXT) Scholarship※1 Embassy recom-mendation Research students / teacher trainees※2 ¥150,000 The nearest embassy or consulate in your home country (MOFA)
Students in undergraduate programs / colleges of technology / specialized training colleges /Japanese language, Japanese studies ¥123,000
Students in the Young Leaders’ Program (YLP) ¥255,000
University recom-mendation Research students※2 ¥150,000 Current school (at home country)
Japanese language, Japanese studies ¥123,000
JASSO’s Reservation Program for Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students Students who have taken the EJU Examination and plan to enroll in regular programs at universities / junior colleges / professional training colleges ¥48,000 International Scholarship Division, Student Exchange Department, JASSO
Private organization scholarships 22 private organizations ¥133,100
Each local government or organization
Student Exchange Support Program (Short-stay and short-visit) (Target is on international students under the Inter-university Exchange Program Agreement) ¥80,000 Current school (at home country)

※ All application procedures for Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho:MEXT) Scholarships are conducted through Japanese embassies, consulates in your countries, or institutions of higher education in Japan.
If you require any further information regarding Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarships, contact Japanese embassies, consulates in your countries, or institutions of higher education which you wish to enroll.
Application fee is not charged. So please be aware that organizations or individuals who charge application fee or deposits have no relation with the Japanese Government. 

Scholarships to be applied in Japan after arrival in Japan

Types Target students / No. of scholarship-offering bodies Monthly Sum Inquiries
Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho : MEXT) Scholarship ※1 Selection in Japan Research students※2 ¥150,000 Current school (in Japan)
Undergraduates ¥123,000
JASSO’s Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students Students in undergraduate programs / junior colleges / preparatory Japanese language courses / colleges of technology / professional training colleges / university preparatory courses ¥48,000 Current school (in Japan)
Japanese language institutions
Research students / master’s students / doctorate students ¥65,000
Local government scholarships 42 local governments and international exchange-related organizations ¥19,200
Each local government, organization or current school (in Japan)※3
Private organization scholarships 124 private organizations ¥82,800
Each organization or current school (in Japan)※3
On-campus scholarships
Tuition fee exemption or waiver system
(Survey conducted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology together with JASSO)
※1 Students who study/research in a designated region will be provided an additional monthly stipend.
※2 ¥152,000 for master’s course students and ¥153,000 for doctorate course students.
※3 As determined by each organization.
※4 Please inquire with your university, graduate school or junior college on scholarships and tuition fee exemption or waiver system offered by your school.
List of Scholarship-offering bodies
Search for Scholarships(ABK)


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