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Employment and Internship

Every year, more and more international students are opting to work in Japanese companies upon their graduation. For these, the following points will be examined when the status of residence is changed.

Points Additional points & Notes
Academic background Graduates of universities, junior colleges and colleges of technology
Graduates of professional training colleges (specialized course) who have obtained their “diploma”
Type of jobs to be
engaged in
Emphasis is placed on diploma-holders to engage in jobs that are related to their majors.
For instance, a person who is a fashion design graduate but opts to work as a computer programer will have difficulty to change his/her status of residence
Salary International students must receive salary equivalent to or no less than a Japanese national employee
The actual situation of
the employer
The companies international students plan to work in are required to have a stable management foundation and business performance

Even if you are unable to find a job before your graduation, you may continue your job-seeking activities for 1 year after the graduation by changing your resident status from “College Student” to “Designated Activities (for continued job-seeking activities).” (Period of stay of “Designated Activities” is six months and only one additional 6-month extension is allowed). For more information on procedures, please inquire with Regional Immigration Bureaus.





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