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You may need a guarantor when applying for enrollment into a school of your choice, when renting an apartment and when applying for a part-time job. A guarantor is a person who agrees to assume financial and moral responsibilities when you fail to pay your academic fees or caused any problems. As such, it is only proper that you take the extra mile to build a trustful relationship with your guarantor and to exercise care so as not to cause him/her any inconvenience.
In general, submission of the documents listed below is required. The documents to be submitted may vary depending on the circumstance. Please check early.

Documents for submission
● Letter of guarantee ● Resident card of guarantor ● Letter of pledge ● Letter of employment and others

1. When applying for enrollment into Japanese language institution, university or higher educational institutions
The reasons why guarantors are required include “financial assurance for the payment of academic fees” or “to avoid problems when applying for status of residence upon admission”.

2. When renting an apartment
A joint guarantor is required when renting an apartment. This is applicable to both foreigners and Japanese. If you did not pay the rent before the due date or damaged fixtures in the room without paying for its repairing cost, the landlord will demand that the joint guarantor pay for the overdue rent or repairing cost. Systems that accept joint guarantors such as school-related persons (office or teaching staffs of the institute) are available for international students with limited Japanese connections.

※ Comprehensive Renters’ Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan
This insurance is managed by the Japan Educational Exchanges and Services (JEES) to cater for emergencies such as fires and to avoid hassles to the guarantor when renting an apartment. Two types of plans based on the compensation period are offered, which are the 1-year plan (JPY 4,000 premium) and the 2-year plan (JPY 8,000 premium). Existing subscribers may extend the period by 6 months upon request (JPY 2,000 premium). This system is available for students (having the “College Student” status of residence) who have been admitted and confirmed admission into Japanese universities, junior colleges, colleges of technology, professional training colleges or Japanese language institutions designated through notification by the Minister of Justice. Application should be made at the office of the current school. For more information, please contact your current school, the school you plan to enter or the following department. The member’s list of this system can be viewed at the following website.

<Inquiries> JEES Programs and Activities Department, Insurance and Compensation Division
TEL : +81-3-5454-5275  FAX : +81-3-5454-5232  



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