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●Medical insurance
In Japan, a medical insurance system is available to lessen burden on medical cost. Foreigners who will be staying in Japan for a period of more than 3 months have to subscribe to the “National Health Insurance”. Please register for the National Health Insurance at your nearest local cities/wards/towns/villages municipal offices and pay the insurance premium.
The insurance premium has to be paid monthly once registration is completed. The premium varies according to local councils and one’s income. However, in most cases, the premium is about JPY 20,000 per year.
Once registered with the National Health Insurance, you will only need to pay 30% of the total medical bill. When receiving treatment for injuries or illnesses, you have to present your insurance card to be eligible for the discounted payment. Take note that the medical cost for treatments not covered by the insurance scheme has to be paid in full at your own expense.


●Accident and property insurance
Cost for the treatment of injuries sustained in accidents or compensation for injuries caused to others or damage to properties that are not covered by the medical insurance can be insured under the accident insurance or personal liability insurance.



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