Accommodations for international students are diverse. There are accommodations operated by local governments and universities. About 77% of international students are staying in private housing. When looking for private housing, you can inquire from your school’s international student office, through Internet, information magazines or you may get a real estate agent to look for a place in the area you plan to stay in.

Japanese lifestyle and housing has become more westernized throughout the years. Nonetheless, some houses still have a tatami-room called the washitsu (Japanese room). Also, people in Japan remove their shoes at the entrance.
When renting an apartment, a rental contract has to be signed with the landlord or the real estate agent. At the signing of the contract, the “shiki-kin” (Returnable deposit. Amounting to a few months of the rent. In some areas “shiki-kin” is also known as security deposit), “rei-kin” (Non-returnable deposit) and agent’s commission are paid. Pre-payment of rent is a norm in Japan. Most apartments are not furnished and have to be furnished on your own.

How to find an apartment?
Many schools tie up with real estate agents to provide support for their students to look for a place to live safely with peace of mind.
Once your admission is confirmed, contact your school.